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SWOT analysis for G-shock watch from Casio Essay

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In the SWOT analysis of G-shock watch from Casio, strength of G-shock watch from Casio is an important element. Firstly, we know that G-shock, Baby-G, Edifice and Pathfinder are sub-brands of Casio; they have targeted for a different group and marketed accordingly. Those brands targeting group are urban upper middle class youth. They have targeting it with clear and focused. Plus, the positioning of Casio is watches that are technology advanced. Because Casio most popular product is watches and it already designed world’s first LCD watches with having a full auto calendar. Other brand might not have those technologies yet, but Casio already have it. Now a day, people love much for LCD technology product, for example LCD TV, LCD laptop, LCD desktop and others. That is why the Casio designed LCD watches and it very popular now.

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There is many other innovations are synonymous with the Casio image. In addition, we can see that Casio has focus on sponsored events in the area of sports and also we can found a lot of athlete in G-shock from Casio’s advertisement. That is because G-shock watches have a similar function with those sport’s watches and sponsored events in the area of sports and use an athlete in their advertisement can prove beneficial to the brand image. The most important is, G-shock watches from Casio are cheaper if comparing to others brands but have an excellent quality.

People now a day always prefer cheaper product with a good quality, and it is suitable for youth today because youth have low income. Casio brand can stand so long and popular in today because it is protected with 1986 registered trademarks in 187 countries around the world. We can see the Casio everywhere around the world. This is also the reason of why it is popular, because almost every countries around the world recognize G-shock watches from Casio.


For G-shock watches from Casio, we found that it more like a watches brand than electronics brand. Almost all the watches have the same function, but just a different design and style, from here we can see that G-shock watches from Casio have put a lot of effort for designing the watches but not doing an innovation to improve the technology of the watch. We also can see that they have a different colour watches and famous athlete in their advertisement but not a high technology watches in their advertisement. In my opinion, designing watches is not that simple like only for the appearance. Because G-shock watches from Casio are focusing in their watch’s appearance.


G-shock watches from Casio have a fashion design and style, it means that it has an opportunity to tied up with those fashion house and sponsoring events. For example, G-shock has produce watches that with a Starbuck’s logo and design. Not only the Starbuck, there is a lot of fashion house like to cooperate with G-shock watches from Casio. Now a day, we can see that many famous athletes have wearing G-shock watches, and many models like to wearing it because of it fashion design and style. As what I am saying at the strength of G-shock from Casio, G-shock from Casio have targeting youth today, and it is very successful because we can see that youths today are really attracted by G-shock from Casio because of it fashion design and style. One more reason that G-shock watches from Casio is attractive because it have a similar function as the old style sport watches.


G-shock watches are popular right now, but it also having threat. We know that G-shock is a sub brand of Casio, so they might face threat of counterfeit Casio product. Not only Casio, other sub-brands like baby-G, Edifice, Pathfinder also produce watches, and the appearance from those sub-brands has almost similar to G-shock. Not only the appearance, they also produce sport watches and digital watches, even the function also similar to the G-shock brand. In addition, there is one more threat that G-shock might be faced, that is competition in watches with the “sport look” in the market is heavily populated, that is because not only G-shock having a “sport look” watches in the wide market. Like what I’m saying that is a lot of brands that having those “sport look” watches and also having the similar function as sport watches. So that is hard to populate if just having a “sport look” watches. To solve this threat, we can found that G-shock now has trying to develop and designing other type watches that not just only “sport look”.

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